Massage $AVER Card Marketing Campaign


This turn-key marketing campaign will boost your massage profit center.

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Turn-key guide to swamp your office with massage clients.

Turn-key guide to swamp your office with massage clients.

If you offer massage services of any type, you will want to add this marketing campaign to your marketing mix.

This is a turn-key solution for boosting your cash flow and expanding your massage profit-center. This program was featured in the CEObrief.

The kit includes:

1. Step-by-Step guide for implementation and execution.

2. Production ready digital files for producing your massage saver card.

3. Production ready poster/placard that you can print as many copies as you want to promote your massage saver card program.

Using Adobe Acrobat, you can personalize and customize both the cards and the poster!

While this marketing campaign works year around, it is especially appropriate during holidays and other special events. It is not only great for the patient, but is an excellent gift.

The key to the system is the formula for marketing the massage saver card, fully explained in the guide provided.

If you have a massage therapist… this is a great plan to fill the appointment book. If you only offer stress chair massage… you can use this program. Maybe you have a massage water bed or a chair massager… not problem, you can use this to boost cash flow and utilization of services.

All you do is create your plan… we show you how to do this… personalize the card, get the cards printed and then personalize the poster and start collecting!

It is that simple!

Turn-key to make it EZ!



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