6-Inches Between Your Ears

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The six inches between your ears impact your achievements more than you may realize.

This ebook will transform how you tackle life and practice with a new dimension in how to think.

Must reading for any Chiropreneur who desired enhanced success in life and in business.

Share this with your entire staff and watch your practice grow exponentially.





The 6-Inch Success Course consists of 12-modules, over 420 pages of “training” the six-inches between your ears for faster and greater achievement of your desired outcome.

Over the years, we have learned a great deal about why some Chiropreneurs are hugely successful and others just seem to squeak by.

In studying both cases, here’s what we have found:

It is the six inches between the ears!

Your thoughts and experiences impact your achievements.

Your thoughts and experiences impact your achievements.

Some brains are wired differently… some are wired with zero fear; and others are more reluctant to embrace change.

It doesn’t really matter how your brain is wired… you can enjoy greater success and achieve your desired outcome, when you stop doing what you have been doing and expecting different results.

The 6-Inch Success Course is a comprehensive, “heavy” course in remapping your mind to be in perfect alignment with your desired outcome… in life and in practice. It will take some time to complete the course.

A Message from Lawton W. Howell…

Background History

I have been addicted to books all my life. I collect them. I store them. I actually read them. While in the Boston area, I visited an old book store to see if I could find any gems… on the cheap. While rummaging through piles of old books, dusty and smelling of mold, I found a box that had 12 books… published in 1919. The title of the books and the subject caught my attention. The volumes were water damaged; faded; marked up; and in very poor condition. I feel in love after reading just the first chapter in the first volume.

I had discovered gold. Real gold. And, after 40 years… I decided to share my find with my friends and colleagues.

This set of books formed my earliest journey for achieving success in life and in business. In fact, there was a part of me, that believed that I possessed the only known real principles of success. Much later a whole industry was created offering success techniques… and the dark, little reality was that I suspected most of these later-day gurus owned these same 12 books.

Here are the titles of each book or module included in the 6-Inch Success Course:

Module 1: The First Principles

Module 2: Purpose or What is Your Aim?

Module 3: Knowledge and the Senses

Module 4: Will and Effort

Module 5: Concentration

Module 6: The Pelman Principles of Mental Connection

Module 7: imagination and Originality

Module 8: The Pursuit of Truth

Module 9: On Personality

Module 10: Books and Reading: How To Organize Your Mental Life

Module 11: Your Subconscious Mind

Module 12: Pelmanism in Action

Everything was there.  Everything.  The reality on how the huge fortunes of the 1920’s were created.  The mind-control and memory techniques that appear to be magic… until you have it explained to you.  Then, you realize, “I can do that.” Simple lessons that anyone can use to control their subconscious and program their brain.

I was wondering if Napoleon Hill had studied these books, and decided that yes, he had to.  You could say that Napoleon Hill’s books are the perfect companion works to the course.  But, of course, this system came first.

Project of Love

Over the years I read and re-read my little private collection of the most impactful 12-books in my life. So, what began as moldy treasure, was in worst condition than when I found them.

So, I decided to clean it up.

We scanned all the original books… stained and faded… and then page by page did our best to clean it up.

But, our best efforts failed. All the good stuff is there… but, it is not a perfect reproduction. In fact, I will warn you, there are some missing pages… but they are not critical to the core system.

After cleaning it up, formatting it, we created a digital version of all 12-books!

And, you can enjoy the same results that others have enjoyed… with a direct download at checkout.

Read all 12-modules… devour them. Do the exercises. And, I promise you… your life will change for the better. You will be in total charge of your experience.

It is my desire that these books will have the same impact on you as they did for me… and that our paths will cross on this journey called success.

When downloading… be patient. This 12-module course is over 420 pages…. and the PDF file is nearly 36 MB.

But, I do ask you one little favor. Let me know how the course is working for you… you will begin to see differences in your life and in your practice from the very first module. It’s that powerful.




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