Rhinestone or Diamond Practice


Do you have a rhinestone or diamond practice? There is no wrong answer. But, pick one… you cannot be both.

The first step for any marketing strategic planning is the development of your Extraordinary Value Statment. This is the specific description of the uniqueness you offer with your brand of chiropractic in your marketplace.

It is your decisive advantage over your competitive colleagues.

Your EVS will guide your marketing communications and enhance the performance of your marketing efforts

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Create Your Extraordinary Value Statement with this Guide

Create Your Extraordinary Value Statement with this Guide

This turn-key guide will take you step-by-step toward developing a powerful and impactful extraordinary value statement for your brand of chiropractic.

Includes worksheets needed to track the development of your EVS.

Why Do You Need a EVS?

Anytime you see a truly exceptional business, you are sure to find an “extraordinary value statement” [EVS] — something that sets that company apart from the competition and defines it in the minds of consumers. Basically, a EVS is your answer to this question: “Why should I choose you over your competition?”

But here’s the kicker: You can only use 90 words or less.

Look at these famous examples:

  • Zappos: The only online shoe retailer that offers Free Shipping and Free Returns 365 days a year.
  • Domino’s Pizza: The only pizza company that guarantees delivery within 30 minutes or its FREE.
  • Toms Shoes: The only shoe company that donates a pair of shoes to a needy child with every pair purchased.
  • Nordstrom: You can return anything purchased at Nordstrom or anywhere else, at any time, no receipt necessary.
  • Federal Express: When It AbsolutelyPositively Has To Be There Overnight.

Compelling, no?

That’s the power of a quality EVS. But on the other side of the token, Chiropreneurs without an EVS struggle to form an identity, and ultimately fail to market the benefits they offer. The results are not something you want any part of.

Regardless of your philosophy of care, it is possible to create something that sets you apart from your competitive colleagues.

Essentially, every powerful EVS consists up of two components: 1) an aspect of your practice that makes it unique, and 2) a benefit you offer patients.

Without uniqueness, no one can distinguish you from your competitive colleagues. Without a (desirable) benefit or a clear-cut industry problem which only you are able to solve for them, no one has a reason to care about selecting your brand of chiropractic.

Yes, indeed: The EVS is vitally important — but how do you create one?

Follow the four simple steps in The Rhinestone or Diamond Practice guide.

You can download The Rhinestone or Diamond Practice guide instantly at checkout and begin developing your powerful and competitor crushing EVS with the simple four steps, suggestions and worksheets included.. get started today!



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