Optimize Your Marketing


Where marketing leaves off, sales begin.

This is a self-directed in-practice training workshop for enhancing the sales skills in your office from the doctor to the receptionist. Anyone in your office is a “sales” person. Leverage your marketing to better results with this 3-hour training workshop.



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Optimize Your Marketing is a training workshop for Chiropreneurs and the staff.

Included in your Optimize Your Marketing workshop are four eBooks:

1. Guide to Optimize Your Marketing
2. Trainer Outline and Guide [Personalized to your practice.]
3. Staff Workbook  [Personalized to your practice.]
4. Adding Value to Your Brand of Chiropractic  [Personalized to your practice.]

Any existing marketing activities that you implement can be optimized with enhanced and improved results without investing or increasing your marketing budget.

The focus of the Optimize Your Marketing is the conversion sales process of a Prospex™ to a Patient and then from a Patient to a Lifetime Patient.

You can even personalize the eBooks to your practice using Adobe Acrobat.

Once Optimize Your Marketing is integrated into your office… you will see an improvement in your new patient conversions and patient retention of 30% or more… just by modeling the sales skills techniques incorporated in this training workshop.

You may choose to host the workshop yourself or delegate it to an Associate, staff member or marketing associate.

You may be losing up to 70% of your new patient potential without this training. But, even if you only improve your results by 10%…. isn’t it worth implementing Optimize Your Marketing in your practice?

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