Ultimate Office System Manual

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The Ultimate Office System Manual for your brand of chiropractic includes over 700 pages of protocols, procedures and systems for implementing a structured system in your office easily and in much less time than it would take without this template.

Simple download the digital manual at checkout; open  the documents in virtually any standard word processing software and customize to your practice!

Includes scripts, forms and more! [Binder not included.]




The CEO Office System Manual is a comprehensive, plug and play, template for creating a model office system manual for your brand of chiropractic. Developed by WellnessOne™ for its member offices, it is now available to you.

The manual is a “template” in a text file format that you can modify, customized and adapt to fit your specific office protocols, procedures and systems using virtually any word processing software.

The manual includes the following 12 sections:

* Introduction… your history and standards of excellence philosophy.
* Overview… how to use the manual.
* Office Flow… how to maximize patient flow from appointments to payment for services.
* T.E.A.M…. how to recruit, hire, train, terminate and coach each position on your T.E.A.M.
* Employment… the employment process including accountability forms.
* Compensation… how to pay, incentivize and offer benefits.
* Leave… from vacations to discretionary leave.
* Safety… keeping the office safe for patients and the T.E.A.M.
* Separation… the proper way to terminate an employee who failed to meet your standards of excellence.
* Workplace… guidelines and principles of the office including appearance standards.
* Forms… A collection of patient and employee forms to execute your office system manual.
* HIPAA… basic compliance manual for your office.

Over 700 pages!

Each section contains the complete text content and supporting PDF files.

In addition, a step-by-step guide is included on how to implement the CEO Office System Manual in your office.

Your CEO Office System Manual is immediately available to download when you checkout, [Binder not included.] with all the resources you need to create your office system manual.

Even if you already have a office system manual… you will want The CEO Office System Manual to fill in the gaps that may be missing.

It is all in here… recruiting, hiring, training, performance standards, compensation models that will improve results, firing, scripts and MORE! It’s all covered in over 700 pages!

Now, you may be thinking that 700 pages is overkill…. but, based on how manuals should be implemented and utilized in the practice, many components are duplicated to shortened the time for you or an employees to refer to specific content… this content duplications benefit is “position” centric, making this a truly “working” manual in your office.


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