Happy Poster Series


The Happy Poster Series promotes chiropractic as an alternative to the happiest place on earth.

Each poster in the series, is customized to your name or your practice name… at no extra charge.

The posters are full0size 34 x 44, but can be scaled to the size needed. You receive all three versions for one low price.

Use as posters or as images on your website or email promotions.

You are provided an unlimited license to produce as many copies as you need.

Allow 72-hours to customize your Happy posters!

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The Happy Poster series is sure to capture attention when displayed full-size, 34 x 44, in your office. We recommend that you frame the poster for displaying or mount on foam-core board with black edge.


These posters deliver an impactful statement about the value of exceptional spinal health on all aspects of your life: work, play and sleep.

Exceptional patient education posters lead to conversations with your patients about solutions as a part of enjoying a healthier and more active lifestyle without pain.

And, when you promote the benefits of chiropractic… you encourage the patient to get their family checked.

Your customized poster is provided in a high-resolution commercial print quality PDF at the full-size of 34 x 44. This ensures the highest quality when you have the poster printed by the vendor of your choice. Contact local or online large size poster vendors for print production cost based on your desired size.

You can print at full-size or scale to 17 x 22 or even 8.5 x 11 or any other proportional size to fit your needs.

You can print as many posters as you need… at any size! You could place a full-size poster, a whopping 34 inches by 44 inches in the reception area or in the window; place a 17 x 22 poster in the hallway and then display the 8.5 x 11 version in patient treatment areas.

ALERT: When ordered, be sure to provide your name or practice name EXACTLY as you would like it to appear, in the NOTE section on the order form. PROOF carefully to ensure spelling accuracy. If necessary we will adjust the size of the text to fit the available space on the poster. We recommend keeping your name or practice name as short as possible in order to keep the largest text size on the poster. The longer the name, the smaller the text.

Your purchase of this poster includes unlimited license to print the poster for your practice, personalization of the poster, preparation of high-quality digital file suitable for commercial printing and delivery of the digital file to you from our secure server.

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